Heartiest Gratitude TO YOU – An Iconic Human Bongobondhu

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Arch-Plnr. Reza Kaiser

Arch-Plnr. Reza Kaiser

Arch-Plnr. Reza Kaiser - belongs to an Enlightened-educated family and he is the Grandson of a British Government Official (and a famous Quari) Molla Md. Mofizuddin Ahmed (Late). His another (Maternal) Grand Father Late Kazi Abdul Latif was a highly Religious as well as Educated person around the whole surrounding. His Kind heartedness and Gentle personality had a Great influence in shaping the Life-style of his Dearest Grandson Arch-Plnr. Reza Kaiser of today. He is the First son of one of the Founder Engineers of Chittagong Dry Dock Ltd. Late M. A. Quader and Retired High School Teacher Mrs. Khadeza Begum. Beginning from his Childhood Pre-school and even at the High School level he received the Close Guidance of his Mother as one of the "Best Teachers” of his Education life. But because of his Father's Transferable Government Job, he couldn't continue his studies in any Institution for a significant Time-span during his early School-life. Afterwards he went to the "Adamjee Cantonment College (ACC)" and from where he could achieve a lot regarding his Life-style and Future Dreams under the Direct Supervision of the Smart Educationist Mr. M.B. Chowdhury, Principal, ACC during the late 70s and consequently he succeed in achieving the Dream of studying his Passionate Subject "Architecture” in the Prestigious "Architecture Department" of BUET. And completed his Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) Degree in 1988 with an Academic Excellence. He earned his “Master of Urban and Regional Planning (MURP)” Degree under the "UNCRD (Japan) - BUET Joint Research Fellowship Programme” in 1996 along with an “International Publication” on Environmental Planning and Disaster Management in the Chittagong Metropolitan city with Professional achievements. Moreover, it should be mentioned here that, he has initiated the Practice of "City Planning" in the "Local Government Organization” of Bangladesh
in 1989-90 from the then “Chittagong Municipal Corporation (CMC)” as the Pioneer of the respective field: Arch-Plnr. Reza Kaiser - the Chief City Planner of Chattogram City Corporation (CCC), has been working hard for the "Empowerment of the Local Government", "Comprehensive City Planning” in the Big Cities and Towns of the country along with the significant initiatives for "Integrated Solid Waste Management” (applying 3-R Method), “Transport Planning and Traffic Management", "Drainage and Environmental Management" and “Comprehensive Disaster Management" along with the Protection of Agriculture, Rivers, Canals, Water bodies, Beels, Haors, etc. at the City/Town as well as Municipality level since 1996 with appreciations. He has been working for the "Climate Change" Impacts in Bangladesh and other South Asian countries under C-40 (Seoul, Korea) and NCDO (Netherlands) since 2008 with a lot of Professional achievements from the respective authorities. At the same time, he has worked as the “Resource Person (Environmental Planning)" as well as Focal Person of AUICK (Asian Urban Information Centre of Kobe), Japan from 2003 to 2014 with a lot of appreciations of the Kobe City Government, Japan He Designed and Developed the “Thandachari Lake-resort" at Fateyabad, Chattogram as the “Bio-diversity Protection and Restoration” Project under CCC from 2008 to 2012 and hence earned the Honourable "Prime Minister's Gold Medal for Environmental Protection - 2010” on behalf of CCC. He has been Volunteering for the "Skill Development Activities" and "Internship Programmes" for the Local College/Universities especially - BUET, DU, JU, CU, CUET, KU, SUST along with Foreign Universities of Japan, USA, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Korea etc. since 2001 with a lot of International appreciations. Moreover, he played a significant role in Establishing the "Faculty of Architecture and Planning" under the Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET) in 2008-09. He visited India, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Netherlands (along with other SCHENGEN Countries), Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, China etc. so far as part of his Professional Academic responsibility and Personal visit being invited by the respective Government and Non-government Organizations. We wish him all the Best for his Heartiest Commitment towards his Creative Writings and hope, after his first publication "White Pigeon on the Blue Sky ...”- this publication “Looking Things Around - So Profound ...!") would be able draw the attention of "New Generation English readers” along with the International Readers worldwide ... ! Best regards ...!


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