Constitutional Amendments in Bangladesh: A FOCUS ON FIFTH AND FIFTEEN AMENDMENTS



about constitutional amendment in Bangladesh. The constitution of the People Republic of Bangladesh has ammended sixteen times so far. The study attempts to analyse facts about amendments laying a good sress of importance on fifth and fifteen amendments. Only for the issues of trivial significance constitutional changes could not be advocated. There were so many issues in the realm of development. They ought to be addressed by legislation. Any change in GO-NGO relation, for example, does not require constitutional amendment. Women rights can be covered by women development policy. We do not want any separate provision regarding constitutional guarantee for minority communities or disadvantaged groups to safeguard their rights. Great Britain is run by convention. Trust on government is a fundamental value ensuring good governance in Great Britain. What is prescribed or proscribed is not mentioned in the UK constitution. There remains a conventional relationship between the government and the governed guided by mutual trust and confidence. Article 42 of the constitution provides for constitution amendment by a party having a two-third majority in the parliament. The ruling government by a brute majority can make unilateral move to amend constitution but it may resent the opposition. In the recent past political analysts pointed finger at approving any draft amendments for deleting or twisting a certain provision that was unwarranted being politically motivated. Such irrational moves by the immediate past government irked the opposition…………….

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M. Abul Kashem Mozumder, PhD

Md. Shairul Mashreque

Md. Shairul Mashreque

Dr. Md. Shairul Mashreque, the author of the book-- All about Policy Dialogue-- was professor of Public Administration in the University of Chittagong. He has to his credit about 235 published research papers and 32 books. He columned about 640 papers in celebrated English Dailies.


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